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Fire Blankets

A fire blanket is a safety device which is used to extinguish small fires which are in their starting stage. It is highly flame-resistant that so that it can be positioned over a fire to stifle it. Fire blankets are ideally used to put out small household fires. They are generally used in kitchens where a fire mishap can happen very easily.

As fire thrives on three things namely; heat, oxygen and fuel. If one of these is removed, the fire dies. Usually, fire blankets which are used for household purposes are made up of fiber glass since it is a lightweight substance.

Fire blankets are a must for every house; one should have at least one kept in their house. They can be stored in the kitchen where the chances for a fire breaking out are more. Or you may place them near exit areas so that they can be used to escape major fires without harming yourself.

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