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Man Traps

A mantrap is an access control system that consists of a small space and two interlocking doors. One set of the doors must close before the other one can be opened so that an individual is briefly ‘trapped’ in the vestibule before clearing the second door. These access control systems are also known as airlocks, access control vestibules and sally ports.

These vestibules can be manually operated or have automatic systems. In a manual system, a guard would need to lock and unlock the doors of the mantrap every time someone enters the room or building. For automatic mantraps, some form of identification, like a key card or security code, is needed to unlock each door.

They are used as physical safety solutions for places that need a high level of security. You will often find them at banks, research labs, post offices, airports, healthcare facilities, embassies and data centers. They are used to prevent unauthorized people from entering or control sterile environments by averting contamination.

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