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Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder/burglar alarm system is a set of interconnected devices that is aimed to protect an object, usually a facility, against intruders and to notify the owner or/and the monitoring station/center of any violation of the protected zones. Depending on the requirements and financial possibilities, it can be a simple alarm system suitable for a basic protection of a home/apartment, or a more advanced structure, which in addition to the basic functions will greatly improve the life comforts of the users. Magenta can greatly help you to choose an optimal solution, depending on the characteristics of the facility and your needs, also taking into account expansion options for the future.

The interface devices (manipulators) are modern keypads and touch panels, which beyond the aesthetic appearance and intuitive operation have the ability to store maps of the facility on memory cards for easier control of the entire system, as well as (optionally) mobile phones or handhelds and PCs with dedicated applications and Internet connection.

We start with solutions from the leading intruder alarm system manufacturers, and then apply our expertise to the challenge of integrating the best intruder alarms, wireless systems options, and remote management tools. We also provide comprehensive, fully redundant business security monitoring through our network of customer care centers to give you round-the-clock protection. Get in touch with our team for more information.

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